Omeka. A Whole New World.

I am very excited to start working on the digital project for this class. I’m also a little nervous. Website designing was never on my to-do list to learn in grad school, or ever, but now since I’m faced with the task I’m interested in seeing how this can help me with future endeavors. The readings this week only fueled my excitement to begin my project. Reading about other projects like digitalMETRO and seeing how they created their websites through Omeka has left me full of hope because my collection is not quite as big as theirs (thank god).

“Up and Running with” by Miriam Posner seems to be a very straight forward list of what to do when starting your new Omeka site. This is exactly the thing that I need when starting a new project. Although I love having the freedom to explore on my own sometimes that can become overwhelming in a project like this. This article will be a great resource to have to check and see if I’m doing things correctly or where to find the right things that I’m looking for. (I’ve already book marked this article for future reference.) It was also very interesting to see how she describes describing a picture. It cleared up many questions that I had like what matters the subject of the picture or the actual picture? “Creating An Omeka Exhibit” just elaborates on the first article. It seems that you can’t go wrong with these two articles. I feel as if I can’t mess up (but we shall see).

After reading about Dublin Corp I’m still pretty confused, but I’m sure it will get better (hopefully). I do like how the terms are defined in a way so that it’s easy for user to use and in a way that makes it easy to find out the information for each of the terms. I’m already thinking of ways to label the articles that I will be using throughout my project.

These readings have given me hope in my upcoming project, and now I know that if I need help I can always refer back to these informational articles to answer the many questions that I KNOW I will have.


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I am a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette studying Public History.

One thought on “Omeka. A Whole New World.”

  1. Abbie, I like how personal your blog is. This week’s readings were definitely ones to bookmark for future reference. Regarding Dublin Core and metadata, I feel like it’s a tough concept to explain and read about, but it will be much easier to grasp once we start using it for our personal exhibits/collections.


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