Digital Exhibit Evaluation

I chose to look at Colonial Williamsburg’s (CW) online exhibit which features their collection of clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries. I love the idea of this website’s content. Who doesn’t love looking at old dresses, clothes, and accessories to imagine themselves wearing them? There are a few things however that I didn’t not care for or that I thought could be done better.


Visually the website pops with the color and details which draw in the viewers attention. Personally, when I go on to a new website if the first page is not interesting I probably won’t stay on it for long. There’s a clear message from the first page and clear directions to take once you get there. The content is amazing and the pictures show the great details of the articles picked by the viewer. There is also a wide range of clothing and accessory options to pick from.


By clicking the explore tab on the first page, the viewer is taken to a page where they can choose from options including women’s, men’s, or children’s clothing or accessories from within the CW collection.


The display is easily understood and can be navigated fairly easily, it seems. As shown above in the image of the “Purse or ‘Sweet Bag,'” once the viewer chooses an image there is a little bit of information about the image and zoom functions. The zoom functions (seen in the example below) work really well in allowing the viewer to be able to see the article up close and personal.


One thing that I was disappointed in was the fact that the viewer could not turn the item or see it from all angles. To me that is what makes an online exhibit so great! Online/digital exhibits should allow the viewer to be able to see the article better than in person (personal opinion).

Altogether the online exhibit is great. It gives an insight into a collection that would not normally be seen by the general public. This is a way to get people interested in Colonial Williamsburg without the history online being about war or other colonial things.


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I am a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette studying Public History.

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